Our company that started to its activity in the sector with aluminum joinery and shutter accessory sales in 1990 has begun to manufacture by keeping up with developing and renewing age in further years.

Our company became the pioneer of the sector in Bursa starting to bath and wc ventilation covert and door - window flapper systems production in 1991, at the same time, continuing the aluminum joinery and shutter sale accessory sales between the years 1990-1991. It increased its manufacture activities quitting the accessory sales in 1996. Our sale and productive activities that have started with ventilation and flappery systems in 1991 and shower cabin and accordion door in 1992 continue by means of constant developments, innovations and by adding new products to its portfolio.

The most important point in our activities that have been continuing for many years is to present the products to the customers on time, by keeping quality up with suitable prices and when doing these; to make warm, friendly contacts with the customers

Our company that has an important place in its sector takes its power from the portfolio which consists of hundreds of people who believe in us. We will keep expanding our portfolio by renewing ourselves to deserve this trust.

İhsan Yapı